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From the Mediterranean Sea comes the freshest tastiest “A” grade quality fish around. Delicius offers a wide range of fine quality fish products. Since 1974 Delicius has developed, produced and marketed fish accordingly, today, Delicius is the Italian brand name and leader in the Anchovy, Mackerel and Sardine sectors. With collaboration in five different countries, Delicius works on a global scale keeping a direct presence in all fishing areas. Delicius stands for excellent fish selected and accurately processed thanks to generations of experience and skillful technology. The fish selected by Delicius comes from the deepest and cleanest seas. Delicius trained staff conduct quality checks on the fish every time the boats arrive at the wharf. Within 24 hours the fish is beheaded and put to ripen into barrels. The ripening (similar to that with prosciutto) is very delicate: the pickle is perfectly dosed by the Master Curer. Simply the best. Simply Delicius