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GOURMET TRUFFLES are Known as one of the world best culinary products

GOURMET TRUFFLES  are Known as one of the world best culinary products. Truffles are admired by chefs all over the globe for their pungent aroma and distinct flavor. Beacuse truffles season is usually very short their values increase causing farmers across Italy and France to go into a truffle search frenzy to find these truffles. France is most famous for its black truffle, or the Perigord Truffle, while Italy has been culinary blessed with the white truffle, also known the Piedmont or Alba Truffle. Truffles can go by many other names but only one place to find them: right here! ww.freshgourmetfood.com We are proud to carry fresh truffles while in season, and we offer preserved white and black truffles all year round. Plus, truffle oils, truffle butters and many more truffle products for your truffle enjoyment!